Investment Portfolio Administration.

Our Portfolio Administration Service is specifically designed for clients who have their own investment adviser, or trade themselves, but do not wish to be burdened with maintaining records and paperwork.

Wallace Vroulis Bond act as the mailing address for all correspondence regarding shareholdings, term deposits and other investments. We record and maintain all investment records, share transactions, interest, dividends and corporate actions. This service is run by our Business Support Manager, Alicia Connole, who has over 10 years’ experience as a Portfolio Administrator.

Clients can undertake share transactions using any broker and will be provided with confirmation of all trades.

Any correspondence received from share registries regarding corporation actions (eg takeovers, share purchase plans etc) is forwarded to the client to action.

You Will Receive

  • 24 hour online access to your portfolio via our web based Portfolio Administration platform, Praemium.
  • An annual tax statement is prepared to assist us with the return for the portfolio. A copy is also provided to the client.

The Benefits

  • All records kept in a professional manner saving clients time and reducing accounting costs.
  • Correct maintenance of capital gains tax records.
  • Ensuring capital gains tax records are up to date enable any potential tax liability be determined prior to disposing of an investment.
  • Our Portfolio Administration Service fee is tax deductible and reduces the cost of the overall service.

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