About Us.

Wallace Vroulis Bond was established in December 2013 by Neil Wallace, Tony Vroulis and Todd Bond after they had worked together for the past 10 years.

Their philosophy was to create a boutique accounting firm which delivered a high quality service to their clients, with a strong personal approach. After previously controlling larger client bases, the directors felt it was difficult to service their clients properly due to the sheer numbers allocated they had to look after. WVB’s founders wanted to provide an environment whereby service was provided in personalised manner using a modern approach.

Forming valued personalised relationships is what motivates WVB and we believe our clients have also enjoyed being able to make contact with us when they require. Our approach has moved away from the old, time-based model of pricing, to a value-based model, while still acknowledging there may be circumstances that still require a time-based model. WVB has also moved away from the traditional accounting model of principals owning their own clients and every client is now truly a client of WVB who can feel at ease knowing there is someone they can contact at all times. This team structure has been very well received by clients and has been just one of the new philosophies embraced by WVB.

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